The Valencia Region is the largest producer of citrus fruit in all of Europe. Furthermore, Valencian citrus is exported all over the world thanks to its high quality standards. Valencian citriculture has gone through many different historical phases.

In 1956, due to the citrus sadness virus in Spain, citrus growing went through some tough times. However, from the mid-1970s onwards, a pioneering sanitation programme was carried out which allowed the production and subsequent distribution of virus-free oranges and lemons. Today, Valencian production is of excellent quality compared to the rest of the world’s producers.

We have all heard the phrase “Valencia oranges are the best in the world”, right? And there is no doubt about it, because if the citrus fruits are harvested at the right point of ripeness, their flavour is unbeatable.

Furthermore, these citrus fruits are grown by Valencian farmers, which generates wealth in the Valencia Region and allows thousands of families, many of them small farmers, to benefit directly from the growing and marketing of citrus fruits in this region. As well as enjoying Valencian oranges, tangerines and lemons in juice, for breakfast or afternoon snack, these citrus fruits are used in a multitude of recipes, from homemade desserts to salads and alcoholic drinks.

Other delicious dishes that are prepared with citrus from the Valencia Region, and that we recommend you try, are the chickpea stew with orange peel, pancakes with orange sauce, orange round veal, the traditional marmalade of bitter orange and a very typical Christmas sweet, orange nougat.

Without a doubt, oranges and tangerines from the Valencia Region are a basic food in the Mediterranean diet that we should all incorporate into our dishes.