The Valencia Water is a traditional cocktail of our land. A very refreshing drink that is characterized by having a taste of its own that everyone who tries it likes. Legend has it that the birth of Valencia Water took place in the 60s.

This happened in the Cervecería Madrid of Valencia where usually stopped a group of travellers and always drank the same drink. They asked the owner to surprise them with something different. The owner prepared an original and novel cocktail with what we know today as Valencia Water. For a few years the drink was only known by the most regular customers of the Cervecería Madrid, but in the 70s it became more popular, being today one of the most characteristic and popular drinks of the Valencian night.

The first thing we need to make Valencia Water is a good natural orange juice. We must fill 33% of a pitcher with the juice we have prepared and add 16% of gin and another 16% of vodka. Finally, add 33% cava or champagne, move gently and let it rest in the fridge for about an hour before serving. If desired you can add sugar to taste and also some orange slices.

The Valencia Water improves after a while in repose, since this way we obtain that their aromas and flavors are integrated.

When it’s time to serve it, we’ll do it in a large pitcher along with champagne glasses so that everyone can serve what they want.